International airline activity



Fifty-eight international airlines operated scheduled services to/from Australia during the month (includes five dedicated freight airlines but excludes airlines operating only via code share arrangements).

International scheduled passenger traffic in September 2016 was 3.171 million compared to 2.933 million in September 2015 – an increase of 8.1 per cent. The most recent annual month on month decrease in traffic was recorded in March 2011 (-1.6 per cent).

The chart below compares monthly passenger traffic for the year ended September 2016 with monthly passenger traffic for the year ended September 2015. Passenger traffic for the year ended September 2016 was 36.977 million which is a 7.9 per cent increase over the figure for the year ended September 2015.

Total seats made available on international scheduled operations to/from Australia during September 2016 were 4.031 million – an increase of 10.7 per cent compared to September 2015. The overall seat utilisation percentage (including AirAsia X, China Airlines, Emirates, Philippine Airlines, Qantas and Singapore Airlines passengers travelling through Australian ports) decreased from 82.6 per cent in September 2015 to 80.8 per cent in September 2016. 

Summary of year on year activity
 Year ended
September 2015
Year ended
September 2016
Total passenger movements (million) 34.276 36.977 7.9%
Summary of month on month activity
 September 2015September 2016Change
Passengers carried (million) 2.933 3.171 8.1%
Freight (tonnes) 84161 84438 0.3%
Mail (tonnes) 2886 3075 6.6%
Available Seats (million) 3.643 4.031 10.7%
Flights 14362 15606 8.7%
Aircraft Movements 14630 15864 8.4%