Road Operator Data to Support Connected and Automated Driving

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Enduring question 6.2

What data do governments need to provide in order to enable emerging technologies and innovative business models of infrastructure provision and use?

Gap addressed

Open data to support the implementation of Connected and Automated Vehicles.


The ongoing advances in transport technology have the potential to fundamentally improve safety, efficiency, sustainability and accessibility of Australia's transport systems. Australian governments, industry and research institutions recognise this potential and are actively exploring the best ways to develop and deploy new transport technologies such as Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs)

The developers of these new transport technologies may require dynamic road operator data, such as speed zone changes, road closures and road works information, to operate effectively

Austroads, as part of the National Policy Framework for Land Transport Technology, is undertaking a project to investigate key road operator data attributes that will be used as part of the CAV system. The project will identify gaps with the current environment and whether a further range of projects are required on this issue, given the work that is being undertaken by road operators.


Identify gaps between the road operator data provided to users (developers) and what is likely to be required in future for CAV operations.

Project update

Austroads have developed a Background Research Working Paper that consolidates available information in the area and informs the most relevant themes and areas to be explored in subsequent interviews. The purpose of the working paper is to set out the questions that will be put to stakeholders.

Interviews and a formal workshop occurred during February and will continue for the first half of 2018.

A recommendation report will be developed as the final deliverable.

Related publication

The recommendation report will be made available through the Austroads website.