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2004 Regional Research Colloquium

The Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics (now BITRE) held the Inaugural National Regional Research Colloquium 2004 in February 2004.

Date of Event
20 February 2004

Speakers' Presentations

  • Introduction, Dr Judith Winternitz, BTRE PDF: 64 KB

Session 1—Regional dimensions in national development

  • John Freebairn, The University of Melbourne PDF: 366 KB
  • Assoc Prof Andrew Beer & Ms Bridget Kearins, School of Geography, Population and Environmental Management, Flinders University PDF: 649 KB
  • Chris Cocklin and Jacqui Dibden, Monash University PDF: 361 KB

Session 2—Globalisation, Australia's regions and regional policy

  • Paul Collits, Manager Regional Policy, NSW Department of State and Regional Development. Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Faculty of the Built Environment, University of New South Wales PDF: 120 KB
  • W S Cummings, Cummings Economics, Cairns & North Australia Research Group PDF: 750 KB
  • Associate Professor John Martin, Centre for Regional and Rural Development, RMIT University PDF: 952 KB

Session 3—Data and modelling innovations

  • Australian small business financial performance a regional analysis—Excel database XLS: 346 KB
  • Associate Professor Tony Sorensen, School of Human and Environmental Studies, University of New England PDF: 1189 KB
  • Ann Harding, Rachel Lloyd, Anthea Bill and Anthony King, National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, University of Canberra PDF: 655 KB

Session 4—Regional tourism and "Sea Change" development

  • Peter Dryden, Research Fellow Deakin University PDF: 799 KB
  • Dean Carson, Head of the Centre for Regional Tourism Research, Southern Cross University PDF: 455 KB

Session 5—Regional Strategies

Session 6—Australian regional trends and responses

  • BTRE Information Paper 51, Focus On Regions No. 2: Education, Skills And Qualifications PDF: 1441 KB
  • Prof R L Miles (1), C Marshall (1), John Rolfe (1), and Sally Noonan (2)
    1. Central Queensland University (CQU)
    2. Department of State Development (DSD) PDF: 1187 KB
  • Dr Robyn Eversole, Centre for Regional and Rural Development (CRRD), RMIT University PDF: 546 KB
  • Focus on Regions series: Regional trends in Industry Structure PDF: 1534 KB
  • Dr Sue Kilpatrick, Research and Learning in Regional Australia, University of Tasmania PDF: 607 KB

Session 7—Sustainable development

  • Leonie Pearson (1) and Mitchell Harris (2)
    1. CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems
    2. The University of Sydney PDF: 1052 KB
  • AGO PDF: 1341 KB
  • Dr Roy Powell, Centre for Agricultural and Regional Economics. Dr Judith McNeill & Richard Stayner, Institute for Rural Futures, UNE PDF: 615 KB