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2007 Transport Colloquium

BITRE's 2007 Transport Colloquium: Australian Transport Policy Challenges for Future Growth

The Colloquium brought together industry, government and research leaders to encourage informed discussion and debate on issues that are fundamental to Australia's economic and social well being.

Speakers' Presentations

Day 1: Session 1—Keynote address

Professor Rothengatter is Head of the Institute of Economic Policy Research and the Unit of Transport and Communication at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Widely published in areas including transport infrastructure investment, pricing, funding and evaluation, Professor Rothengatter is the author of six books and more than 100 articles, including, with Bent Flyvbjerg and Nils Bruzelius, Megaprojects and Risk (Cambridge, 2003). He is president of the World Conference on Transport Research.

  • European Investment and Regulation Policy in the Transport Sector PDF: 82 KB ReadSpeaker

Day 1: Session 2

Harmonisation and productivity in land freight—barriers and solutions

  • Introduction: Jack McAuley. PPT: 591 KB
  • Helen Newell, General Manager, Development, Pacific National, Barriers and solutions to land transport challenges.
    PPT: 1262 KB
  • Stuart St Clair, Chief Executive, Australian Trucking Association, Carrying the freight.
    PPT: 704 KB
  • Professor Fred Affleck, Executive Director, Planning and Transport Research Centre, and Commissioner, National Transport Commission, Trucks trains and tracks. PPT: 2412 KB

Day 1: Session 3

Aviation and policy challenges for future growth

  • Introduction: Jonathan Firth. PPT: 443 KB
  • Craig Saddler, President, Boeing Australia, Satisfying the market—why the 787 makes sense PPT: 39260 KB
  • Ian Thomas, Managing Consultant, CAPA Consulting, Liberalise or bust—the aviation policy conundrum. PPT: 1656 KB
  • Professor Peter Forsyth, Monash University, Aviation and economic performance. PPT: 295 KB

Day 1: Session 4

Capital city ports—coping with growth

  • Introduction: Dr Godfrey Lubulwa, BITRE. PPT: 485 KB
  • David Bayne, Drewry Shipping, Port infrastructure—what are the challenges? PPT: 3529 KB
  • Greg Martin, Chief Executive, Sydney Ports Corporation, Securing the lifeblood of the NSW economy. PPT: 15240 KB
  • Phil Lovel, Executive Director, Victorian Transport Association, Melbourne's winning formula. PPT: 17955 KB

Day 2: Session 5

Improving north-south corridor rail and road links—issues, options, payoffs

  • Introduction: David Mitchell, BITRE. PPT: 620 KB
  • David Greig, Executive Director, ACIL Tasman, An inland route between Melbourne and Brisbane? The North-South rail corridor study. PPT: 4462 KB
  • Derek Harris, Manager, Infrastructure Strategy, Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd, North-south rail freight growthopportunities and impediments. PPT: 1690 KB
  • Alan Evans, President, NRMA Motoring Services and President, Australian Automobile Association, Building a five star future for Australian motorists. PPT: 1105 KB

Day 2: Session 6

Reducing road casualties—is there a best route?

  • Kym Bills, Executive Director, Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Road safety in Australiathe data and the challenge. PPT: 612 KB
  • Professor Ian Johnston, Monash University Accident Research Centre, New road safety strategies to continue Australias gains. PPT: 30383 KB
  • David Healy, Senior Manager, Road Safety, Transport Accident Commission, Advancing road safetya practitioners perspective. PPT: 11458 KB
  • Professor Thomas Breitling, Director of Active Safety and Energy, DaimlerChrysler, Germany, New vehicle technology can take road safety to a new level. PPT: 28902 KB

Day 2: Session 7

Climate change and transport—what are the main options?

  • Introduction: David Cosgrove, BITRE PPT: 7962 KB
  • Professor Peter Newman, Director, Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy, Murdoch University, Transport and greenhouse—Refocussing our cities for the future. PPT: 99922 KB
  • David Lamb, CSIRO Low Emission Transport Leader, Cars, trucks, planeswhat will drive them in the future? PPT: 8287 KB
  • Brian Fisher, Vice President, CRA International, The role of the transport sector in mitigation policy. PPT: 6835 KB

Day 2: Session 8

Policy Directions

  • Prof Werner Rottengatter.
  • David Bray, Economic and Policy Services. PPT: 676 KB