Road Trauma Involving Heavy Vehicles—Annual Summaries

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Statistical Report

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Release Date:
October 2017

This report presents counts and rates of fatal crashes, fatalities and hospitalised injuries from road traffic crashes in which one or more heavy vehicles were involved.

2016 : At a glance

  • In 2016, 213 people were killed in crashes involving heavy vehicles. This was the same number of people killed as 2015. Of this total, 50.2 per cent occurred in crashes involving an articulated truck (down compared to 2015), 42.7 per cent involved a heavy rigid truck (up compared to 2015), and 11.3 per cent involved a bus (up marginally on 2015).
  • Vehicle occupants (driver or passenger) account for 77.0 per cent of fatalities from crashes involving a heavy vehicle (average for 2012-2015, up on the previous four year period). The remainder are pedestrians (11.4 per cent), motorcyclists (7.8 per cent) and pedal cyclists (3.7 per cent). Of total vehicle occupant deaths, 23.9 per cent are heavy vehicle occupants – this proportion was down compared with the previous four year period.
  • Approximately 1,700 people are hospitalised from crashes involving heavy vehicles each year – 5.0 per cent of all road traffic crash hospitalised injuries. This estimate is unchanged for the last three years of available data (2012-13 to 2014-15).
  • Analysis by geographical region for 2015 shows that most (73.7 per cent) fatal articulated truck involved crashes occur in a Regional area, down marginally on 2014. The remainder occur in a Remote area (10.1 per cent, up marginally) and in a Major City (16.2 per cent, down marginally). The corresponding proportions for fatal heavy rigid truck involved crashes are 58.9 per cent (Regional, up), 6.8 per cent (Remote, up) and 34.2 (Major City, down).

Fatal crashes involving heavy vehicles, Australia, moving annual total with trend