Road Deaths Australia—Monthly Bulletins

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Statistical Report

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Release Date:
March 2018

This bulletin contains current counts and summaries of road crash deaths and fatal road crashes in Australia. It is produced monthly and published on BITRE's website on or around the 14th of each month. Data are sourced from the road traffic or police authorities in each jurisdiction.

A table providing monthly fatalities for the last 5 years has been added in the Excel file.

February 2018 : At a glance

  • There was a total of 85 road deaths during the month of February 2018. In comparison to the average for February over the previous five years, the current figure is 1.6 per cent lower.
  • During the 12 months ended February 2018, there were 1,249 road deaths. This is a 0.2 per cent decrease compared to the total for the 12-month period ended February 2017.
  • Presently, the rate of annual deaths per 100,000 population stands at 5.1. Compared to the figure for the 12-month period ending February 2017, this is a 1.8 per cent decrease.

    Monthly Australian road deaths for last five years, with trend