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  1. Long Distance Commuters in Australia: A Socio-Economic and...

    Paper given to the 34th Australasian Transport Research Forum, 28–30 September 2011, Adelaide. Authors: Hema de Silva, Leanne Johnson, Karen Wade.

    Publication Type: Staff Papers

    Publication Subjects: cities, regions

    Release Date: 28 September 2011

  2. Australian infrastructure statistics—Yearbook 2011

    The Australian Infrastructure Statistics Yearbook 2011 provides a single comprehensive source of Australian infrastructure statistics time series statistics for measures of transport, energy, communications and water infrastructure and the use of

    Publication Type: Statistical Report

    Publication Subjects: aviation, cities, environment and energy, freight, infrastructure, maritime, rail, road, statistics yearbooks, safety

    Release Date: 12 March 2011

  3. Commuting to Work by Private Vehicle in Melbourne: Trends and Policy...

    Paper given to the 33rd Australasian Transport Research Forum, 29 September–1 October 2010, Canberra. Authors: Hema de Silva, Anatoli Lightfoot.

    Publication Type: Staff Papers

    Publication Subjects: cities

    Release Date: 29 September 2010

  4. Population growth, jobs growth and commuting flows in Perth

    This report identifies recent spatial changes in employment and the residential population within Perth, and investigates how commuting behaviour has responded to these changes.

    Publication Type: Research Report

    Publication Number: 119

    Publication Subjects: cities

    Release Date: 02 September 2010

  5. Urban Public Transport: Recent Bus Transport Statistics

    This information sheet compiles data on urban public bus services by government and outsourced private sector providers in Australia's capital cities.

    Publication Type: Information Sheet

    Publication Number: 33

    Publication Subjects: cities, road

    Release Date: 22 December 2009

  6. Urban Congestion Working Group: Critical transport modelling reviews

    Reports commissioned in 2009 by the National Transport Modelling Working Group (NTMWG) critically reviewed the current status of the modelling tools available through each of the government agencies in relation to the various models' capability in

    Publication Type: Commissioned Report

    Publication Subjects: cities, forecasting

    Release Date: 08 October 2009

  7. Changes in Australia's Industry Structure: Main Cities 2001–06

    This study analyses the shifting geography of employment and highlights the dynamics of industry structure in Australia's main cities between 2001 and 2006.

    Publication Type: Information Sheet

    Publication Number: 32

    Publication Subjects: cities

    Release Date: 16 June 2009

  8. Urban Congestion Working Group: Australian Capital City Congestion...

    This document presents a number of case studies by Australian jurisdictions on interventions they have undertaken to alleviate urban congestion pressures across their transport systems.

    Publication Type: Other

    Publication Subjects: cities, road

    Release Date: 28 May 2009

  9. Household Wealth

    This information paper presents and explores new statistical information relating to household wealth at a small area scale. The paper also explores the relationship between wealth and income for Australia's cities and regions.

    Publication Type: Information Paper

    Publication Number: 63

    Publication Subjects: cities, regions, area studies, housing, income and wealth, regional economies

    Release Date: 01 February 2009

  10. Improving urban congestion information for decision making: report to...

    The Australian Transport Council (ATC) provided advice on ways to improve urban congestion data, modelling and performance information.

    Publication Type: Other

    Publication Subjects: cities, road

    Release Date: 13 November 2008

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