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Elasticities Database Online

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Ref Id 111
Author Nairn, R.J. and Partners and Hooper, P.
Year 1992
Journal Book Tourism Related Movement Study Final Report
Vol Page
Publisher Roads and Traffic Authority NSW, Sydney

IdTable TitleTable ObjectTransport TypeModeElasticity Type
5Summary of elasticities of demand for air traveltable1A05.pdfpassengerairprice
13Elasticities of demand for Australian car traveltable1B05.pdfpassengerroadprice
14Summary of elasticities of demand for coach traveltable1B06.pdfpassengerroadprice
24Summary of elasticities of demand for railtable1C03.pdfpassengerrailprice
35Elasticities of demand for the Australian domestic vacation travel markettable1D09.pdfpassengerair, road, railincome, price
36Elasticities of travel demandtable1D10.pdfpassengerroad, rail, airprice

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